Fast & Economical Shipping

Fast & Economical Shipping

Our shipping service is weight based. Let’s say for the Philippines, it will charge $14 for first 0.5kg and $3 for any other additional 0.5kg.

Cash On Delivery

Cash on delivery service is also available for the people of Pakistan only.

30 Days return

If you don’t find the product same as shown in pictures or the item is damaged, you can send us back within 30 days we will send you a new item or we can refund your money.


QP and UM are all about making our customers have the ability to express the love of their deen through modest fashion. In QP and UM our customers are our boss, and their suggestions, feedback, needs and wants are our priority.

Our customers who wear our clothes are inspirational, modest, unique and motivational. Our brand is all about versatility, we aim is to provide clothes for muslims and non-muslims. We call our customers Deen Stars!

A Deen star is modest but the best dressed, he/she wears his/her heart on her sleeve. He/she is confident and proud of her deen by wearing our clothes. We aim to provide the best service, and we carefully choose good quality material for our garments with fair prices, and we ship worldwide.

At QP and UM we want our customers to wear new and trendy clothes that fit the modest lifestyle for all occasions, whether it’s that perfect attire to the mosque, a modest outfit for a busy day or a sparkly and classic ensemble for Eid or Weddings!

Don’t forget to take pictures of your UM/QP outfits and tag us with the hashtags #DEENSTARQP #DEENSTARUM #QPBRAND #UMBRAND and share it on Instagram and Facebook!


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